Presentation requirements and evaluation criteria



– Poster size: 50 cm (width) x 70 cm ( height)

– Posters should be prepared on a single page

– Poster presentation language: English, Russian or Kazakh

– Posters should be readable by viewers 1 meter away

– Please use Times New Roman as a font

– At the top of the poster please note abstract title, authors and address and underline the presenting author

– Posters will be hanged at the poster boards according to the list of the Organizing Committee. Materials needed to hang posters will be available at the poster area

– Poster presenters should be near their poster during the Poster session in order to give more information about the research.

– References should be added at the bottom of the poster under the heading “References”

Judging Criteria:

  • Scientific novelty of work presented
  • Clarity of presentation (aim, hypothesis, results, conclusion and significance of workpresented)
  • Ability to answer follow-up questions
  • Consistency of facts presented

Plenary presentations

From all submitted abstracts, the top eight abstracts will be selected for a plenary presentation. Those presentations will be performed in the main lecture hall, which has a capacity of approximately 400 people. The jury of ISCHS 2018 will select and award three of the plenary presentations with an official Plenary Award. Additionally, the audience will vote who will be awarded with the Plenary Audience Award.

Poster presentations

In our poster sessions, presenters will present their poster in front of a small audience. We offer about thirty poster sessions in two days. Each session has its own research subject and will be chaired by an experienced researcher in that particular field together with a student from the ISCHS 2018 organisation. At the end of the session, the session chairs will announce the winner of the session. The winner can compete for the over-all Poster Presentation Award and Poster Performance Award.

sample poster